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lunes, agosto 18, 2008

my last teen

This year i didint made a fuzz bout my birthday i went into a crisis just like last year it gets worst at some times, just sometimes, cause i dont really care enough to get better, but last year i did have fun, i went to a pool party, this year my family came over to my house for a nice meal, I really didint want them here, but it was worst not to invite them, i just had a unhappy face all day. At night two of my friends came to my house, actually nobody came to my house and i got two calls, theyll receive my attention bcause i think they care about me, but i did get sms, i hate them, they're so unpersonal, but i really dont care, i dont expect something from anybody. My friends got me flowers, a ballon and a carrot-yam bean-cucumber-chile-peanut-gumdrop-chamoy cake.
y mas cosas entre ellas una coach! :D

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Kekoman dijo...

Feliz día post cumpleaños.
Yo no te felicité pero supongo que no hubiese sido tan honesto pues me habria enterado de tu cumpleaños por facebook. No pido disculpas soy pésimo con los cumpleaños pero intentaré no olvidar el tuyo (tan pronto sepa cuando es)


Es tu ultimo año para escribir cosas emo y no quedar mas e inclusive estar en onda.

Mamu dijo...

hahaha esto no es tuyo vdd Kekoman :3 no te imagino con un bolso Couch... aún! xD

Felicidades a la cumpleañera :3

Mmmh el cake suena interesante...

Mamu dijo...

*Coach :3